Armada Nacional de Colombia (Colombian Navy) protects the safety of Colombian zones of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and extensive networks of rivers inside the country by one of the most significant means, seamless push-to-team communication solution.
Customer Profile
The ARMADA DE LA REPÚBLICA DE COLOMBIA, one of the oldest organizations in Colombia dating back to 1810, has migrated part of its communication systems to Team Talk with TELOX TE580 teams nationwide to guarantee the sovereignty of the seas and rivers. Colombia Navy fulfills the responsibility of keeping the Colombian zones of maritime and riverine safe, representing the Nation’s military and diplomatic position.
The Challenge
Environmental factors challenge the communication. Missions on oceans and rivers where frequencies from base station cannot cater for the distant communication and high maintenance cost depressed the department, while limited network coverage will also hinder team communication. Colombian Navy was in urgent need of a full coverage communication solution. Most of the time, navy officers and soldiers are working under noisy environment, for example noise from vessel engine and helicopter which becomes an obstacle to communicate efficiently for the navy. There has one more challenge influenced by the outdoor environmental factors. It is the drastic weather. Weather on maritime and river are changeable and unpredictable that’s why handsets that navy officers and soldiers should be ultra-rugged and easy operational.
Internal causes should not be neglected either. Before utilizing TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk TE580, devices the navy used without GPS location, which cause a lot of inconveniences for modern communication. Besides, massive audio data management became one of the major problems. It is a huge workload for dispatch office to collect and categorize various data from different groups. Meanwhile, the device itself that did not support groups calls or group communications was a factor as well.
Telox Solutions
TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk device TE580 is an ultra-rugged handset owns many features that device the navy used to utilize did not own. The compact size and light weight as well as compatible with TeamTalk of Telo TE580 enables a one hand operational solution; the touch screen and keyboard supported TE580 operates easily; the IP67 TE580 can handle the drastic weather like violent storms or wild winds calmly; the 2.0W power audio offers crystal loud audio solution to confront the noisy environment; the push to talk button provides communication only at the touch of the button; and the orange highlighted SOS button can trigger quick response and instant movement by a press.
Intelligent TE580 meets the need of seamless and constant communication. TELOX push to talk handset TE580 supports 3G, LTE, 4G and WiFi networks, makes it a smart phone. Colombian Navy leverages the WiFi supported advantage of TE580 with the dedicated satellite network that integrated specifically for the navy’s team communication. Full coverage and seamless communication ecosystems thus come true. And, GPS locations and GPS tracking that push to talk device TE580 compatible with TeamTalk supports inject new energy to the navy team. At the same time, TE580 is greatly compatible with TeamTalk dispatch system in which group calls is not a problem at all, while intelligent data management from the system saves time and reduce workload at once.
The Benefits
“TELOX PTT TE580 is helping to transform mobile communications for state and local government through instant communications that connect multiple agencies and departments to provide services to citizens in an efficient manner.”, review from the Colombian Navy. To some extent, TELOX push to talk TE580 helps the Colombian Navy to fulfill its defense responsibility by satisfied the needs of instant and constant communication among the team.
The Android base operation system:
Sensitive touch screen and multi-applications service assure an easily operational solution that everyone knows how to use very quickly.
WiFi functionality with satellite network:
Offers an unlimited coverage, enable to cover the field missions on ocean that network cannot reach much easier.
GPS locations and tracking are integrated successfully inside TE580, as well as compatible with TeamTalk software:
TeamTalk dispatcher at central control could see the location of the members on the integrated map. Each of the PTT users in the field with a GPS-compatible device TE580 appears on the map with a marker. The map gives dispatcher a convenient way to locate members, make PTT calls to a single person or a group of selected members, send alerts, determine the status of members availability or even control who appears on the map. These are indeed the proofs to seamless and continued team communication secures every kind of movements.