TELOX Professional PTT is dedicated to fulfill ‘instant communication, faster response’, and it was successfully motivated Fraport Ground Services productivity and mobility.

End User Scenario
Frankfurt, Germany
Millions of passengers to and for in Fraport annually so that every personnel of Fraport should be stayed in touch constantly to ensure every signal operation runs smoothly and safely. Personnel responsible for ground services, for instant, ought to connect themselves seamlessly regardless of complex communication scenario for a major reason that ground service contain several sections, including cabin service, carting service, ramp service, passenger service and field operational service. With such massive communication for ground services team every day, they have no choice but to upgrade their communication devices.
The Challenge
Before applying TELOX PTT TE580, the personnel used the traditional analogue radio, which means they contacted with team mates only with oral confirmation. However, nowadays is the intelligent era with the influx of multimedia, only voice communication has been far away from adequate. Besides, most of the ground services personnel work under a high decibel environment, the voice of analogue radio is not easy to be heard, which might cause significant information misheard. Another big challenge was increasing burden for the cost-prohibitive maintenance fee.
Telox Solutions

Professional and intelligent TELOX PTT TE580 intends to deliver full-coverage multimedia functions to the end users.

Featuring multimedia and useful software into one handset, TELOX TE580 is totally disparate from traditional analogue radio. Small size, big capacity is TE580’s label. The rugged design TE580 with IP67 and the crystal loud audio enhance efficiency throughout every task.

GPS tracking which is an important function perfectly integrated in TE580 enables end users map routes for better strategic planning and personnel allocation. With above upgraded functions, TE580 also has the high-capacity battery, eases the problem of limited battery life. Furthermore, TE580 which supports 3G/4G/LTE networks is fully compatible with the software console, ensuring seamless communication and actionable deployment for dispatchers. Smart design with radio mind is what Telo PTT TE580 strives to give.

The Benefits

Fraport’s Japan Airlines is satisfied with their communication environment after the advent of TELOX PTT TE580. The ground services personnel disperse messages through multimedia functions that TE580 offers instead of oral communication. When problem arises, oral information is inadequate, but now the personnel can record information by taking photo or filming video which somehow improve the productivity and flexibility.

Working under the high decibel environment, personnel are used to struggle to hear the messages from dispatchers and colleagues. Now, they can communicate hassle free because of the extra loud and clear voice that TE580 provides. Moreover, when there is the urgent incident happened, according to the accurate and live GPS location, dispatchers can automatically allocate the nearest personnel to help which is time-saving. Also, the cost is reduced because the maintenance fees for base stations and aging devices is dramatically decreased.